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Event Overview

13 September 2017

Workshop: Why does an expatriate assignment cost so much, and how to proactively manage it?

13 September 2017, Singapore

In today's competitive environment, business leaders are expected to manage the paradox of achieving growth, whilst managing cost. International assignments represent major investments that require careful management in order to reduce risks and maximize returns. This practical hands-on workshop will focus on strategic and tactical initiatives to contain the cost of international assignments without compromising their effectiveness in mobilizing assignees where and when they are required.

The workshop will focus on each step of the assignment lifecycle and highlight the potential opportunities to optimize cost. A number of Case Studies will provide realistic examples of how the workshop learnings can be immediately applied in a real organizational context. The course content will include, amongst other things:

  • Strategic cost-containment initiatives
  • Tax Planning opportunities
  • Policy Design considerations to optimize cost
  • How to manage assignment cost through careful assignment policy segmentation
  • Designing a cost-effective expatriate compensation packages
  • Managing the cost of HR infrastructure

Mercer reserves the right to decline registrations from competitors and other potential delegates that do not match the targeted audience.

Expatriate Compensation Workshop, Singapore

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