One-Stop Instant Access to Mercer's Global Mobility Publication & Survey Library

Global business and HR decision making requires access to a variety of information. Mercer’s Mobility All Access Library makes finding this information simple and fast. Whether you’re focused on reviewing your policies or trying to understand trends or key practices, the data and information you can access through this library is essential for any manager looking to better evaluate mobility programs.

  • Access results from leading mobility surveys and core publications — including the Worldwide Survey of International Assignment Policies & Practices and Alternative International Assignments Survey reports.
  • Receive in-depth, monthly analyses specific to mobility trends and issues, authored by our global analysts.
  • Tap into Mercer data publications on benefits, employment conditions, and salary differentials.
  • Easily navigate to a large range of mobility-related articles, all in one place, as well as other new content to be distributed throughout the year.
  • Participate in, and access results for multiple spot-surveys throughout the year.

*Not all publications or online tools will have all job functions.

What You Receive

Mobility Specific Policy Surveys

  • Worldwide Survey of International Assignment Policies and Practices
  • Alternative International Assignments Survey Report
  • Local-plus and Location-specific Survey Reports
  • Survey of Rotator Policies and Practices
  • Benefits Survey for Expatriates and Internationally Mobile Employees


  • Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines
  • International Geographic Salary Differentials
  • Global Car Policy Report
  • Expatriate Car Cost Reports
  • Global Mobility Handbooks

Mobility Trends Series

A topical series of short reports divided into global, regional, and industry mobility trends. Covering topics across the mobility spectrum, such as housing, taxation, spousal allowances, and incentives, each will show how policies have changed over the years.

Current issues include: “Gender Composition of Expatriates” and “Compensation Approach for Long-term Assignees.”

One new topic will be available each month!

Contact us to get started, or you may order online here or here (US visitors). Prices start at USD 15000 for a year of access for 1 to 5 users at your company. Discounts are available for those who have participated in certain recent Mercer global mobility policies and practices surveys.

Order the Mobility All Access Library Need access to Mercer's global mobility publication and survey library? To get started, contact us to discuss licensing and access for your mobility program team. Prices start at USD 15000 for a year of access for 1 to 5 users at your company. Discounts are available for those who have participated in certain recent Mercer global mobility policies and practices surveys.

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Mobility Guides Mercer has assembled a collection of guides and whitepapers to help you understand key aspects of managing an international assignment program effectively, including guides to starting a program, expatriate compensation, policy development, technology, and more.

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News and Articles Our Knowledge Center features timely articles on mobility issues and trends, interviews with experts in the field, and news about conditions around the world affecting employees on international assignments.

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