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Compensate internationally mobile employees while developing your global talent

International assignments are part of a growing company’s process to create change, improve understanding, and develop the global presence that is needed in today’s competitive business climate. Expatriation is synonymous with new business opportunities, expansion and growth.

Three main factors compel today's companies to review their international assignment policies:

  • New organizational structures focusing on customer needs and lower costs.
  • The different pace of business dynamics around the world.
  • Regional integration and the search for expatriate candidates globally.

A policy has to fit within the context of global human resources opportunities if it is going to be followed. Mercer’s advisory services will help you manage your expatriate assignments successfully in a highly competitive and cost conscious business environment.

    • Mobility needs to drive value for business and assignees. Mobility professionals must think like investors and manage people with the same rigor as other tangible assets. They need to ensure investments in talent portfolio generate desired return. Learn more.

    • Why do so many global mobility programs fail to achieve both business and assignee objectives? How can companies ensure that their programs succeed while remaining cost-effective? How can they support broader HR strategies and maximize global talent? By starting with a good expatriate policy. Learn more.

    • Can you prove that your strategy for rewarding and managing expatriates is working? Are your policies fair compared to what your competitors are doing? Can you document what you need to get support from other decision makers? Mercer offers the data and guidance you need to do all these. Learn more.

    • Mercer can help you with each key step of the implementation and communication process: developing of a detailed plan, defining process and functional specifications, and managing the transition, along with numerous practical implementation support services. Learn more.

    • Understanding interdependencies and impact of mobility project design decisions for the overall HR transformation is critical for a successful change. Mercer ensures a smooth transition of global mobility into new operating models based on transparent service transition set-up. Learn more.

    • Anticipating the complications that emerge with mobility programs as they grow can save a lot of time, effort, and money down the line. Get your program off to a good start with Mercer's expert guidance, including bundled services and data designed for companies like yours. Learn more.

Need Help? Whether your organization is looking to create a global mobility program, enhance the one you currently have, or get answers to any issues or concern you're facing, we can help.

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