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27 June 2018

Designing Local Plus Compensation

27 June 2018, Singapore

Many companies have embraced localized, or host-based, pay in order to meet their global staffing needs. These types of compensation packages can sometimes be significantly less expensive than traditional expatriate pay packages, but they must be applied with care and in appropriate circumstances. According to Mercer research, more than 60% of multinationals use some form of Local Plus approach, yet only about 40% have a Local Plus policy. Local Plus is a cost-effective but complex method that requires a delicate balance between a systematic approach and flexibility.

During this short but practical workshop our Mercer consultants will help you:

  • Navigate between the different localization options.
  • Understand local benefits, social security/pension practices and how they could impact international assignees.
  • Determine what “plus”, if any, should be added to the host local package and set a consistent approach for local plus packages globally.
  • Assist with design principles of a consistent global localization or local plus policy that combine fixed core assignment package components and more flexible country specific benefits.

Mercer reserves the right to decline registrations from competitors and other potential delegates that do not match the targeted audience.

Designing Local Plus Compensation, Singapore

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