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Long-term international assignments

Comprehensive solutions for managing a global mobility program

Whether you send only a few employees abroad, or a few hundred, Mercer provides a range of products to help you manage all aspects of long-term international assignments for various types of expatriates. Our experience and global reach ensure that you receive the most up-to-date and accurate data to manage your global mobility program effectively.

Mercer's data products and services can be tailored to the specific needs of your program. If you need outsourcing support or help with implementing or benchmarking your program, our global network of consultants is ready to assist. And if you are taking your first steps toward international growth, Mercer bundles several essential data products and services in our Mobility Starter Kit.

Core factors in expatriate pay packages

Cost of living and expat tax management

Cost of Living Reports Compare the expense of living between the  home and host locations of your global workforce
Home Country Data & Tax Profiles Analyze spendable income, social security, tax, and expatriate housing norms
Personal Income Tax Understand the expatriate tax requirements and social charges for your international assignment locations

Quality of living comparisons and hardship allowances

Quality of Living Reports Compare the quality of living between the home and host locations of your global workforce
Location Evaluation Reports Get premium recommendations based on 14 global mobility hardship factors

Assignment housing

Mercer Mobilize Housing Solution Control one of the costliest and most variable international assignment expenses with detailed expatriate housing data
Mercer Real-Time Rent Check Get quick, custom pricings of local housing markets

Ensuring assignment success

Airfare Reports Consistent data for business travel allowances
Assignment Cost Projections Budget wisely with cost estimates from seasoned global mobility experts
Cultural Training Prepare expats and their families to thrive in their host locations
Culture Passport on the Go Our new mobile app for local business customs around the world
Currency Protection Calculator Protect your expats' pay from currency movements over time
Differential Change Analysis Explain Cost-of-Living allowances changes to assignees
Education Cost Tables Assess and manage education allowances the children of assignees
Transportation Allowance Reports Get cost data for public and private transportation expenses
Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines Comply with local employment practices
Global Car Policies Know where and when individual transport is needed for overseas assignment

Technology to ease the way

Mercer Mobility Management Platform Simplified workflows, powerful analytic tools, and an enhanced employee experience
AssignmentPro Manage your international assignments with this comprehensive program
Balance Sheet Calculator Generate international compensation statements quickly
Cost Projection Calculator Budget for international assignments with ease
CultureWizardPassport Prepare employees to thrive in their host locations
Mercer Mobilize Housing Solution Control one of the most variable and costly assignment expenses
MercerPassport Help expats succeed with info about assignment locations
Personal Income Tax Solution Determine expat personal tax and social security obligations more easily

Compensation tips Do your compensation policies take into account the latest trends in the dynamic field of mobile talent management? Our whitepaper "Practical Mobility Management: Compensation Tips for Long-term Assignments" can help ensure you've covered all the bases.

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Are your policies competitive? To understand how your company's assignment policies and practices compare with prevailing trends, order a report from one of our global surveys. Mercer has collected data on every type of assignment in use today and has a benchmarking database drawing on more than 1000 multinational companies.

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Mobility Management Platform Our mobility management technology provides simplified workflows, powerful analytic tools, and an enhanced employee experience.

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Global mobility training Join one of our global mobility trainings to learn more about best practices to manage international assignments.

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News and articles Our Knowledge Center features timely articles on mobility issues and trends, interviews with experts in the field, and news about conditions around the world affecting employees on international assignments.

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Expatriate compensation

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Policy flexibility

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