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Surveys of Global Mobility Policies and Practices

Mercer's comprehensive surveys on international assignments and global mobility policies and practices keep clients up to date with current trends. From these surveys we have compiled the most robust international HR management database in the industry, from which we draw data for our global mobility policy benchmarking.

Below is a collection of our survey reports that can assist with global mobility management. Mercer also runs client-commissioned surveys that cover talent mobility issues such as expatriate satisfaction surveys, vendor assessments, and more. 

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Mobility Metrics and Analytics Survey

While talent mobility analytics have not reached full maturity yet, the ability to use and share relevant analytics for decision marking is an increasingly important trend that should not be ignored – but how far are you with adopting metrics and analytics for your mobility program? Our initial survey drive has completed, but you may still participate for report discounts and other benefits.

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Mobility Organization and Transformation Survey

This report can help you benchmark your mobility function's organization and management against that of your peers by providing an in-depth review of the services responsible for the mobile workforce management and information on how they are structured and operated.

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Worldwide Survey of International Assignment Policies and Practices

This survey can help you benchmark your mobility function's organization and management against that of your peers by providing an in-depth review of the services responsible for the mobile workforce management and information on how they are structured and operated.

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Alternative International Assignment Policies and Practices Survey

A deep-dive into policies and practices, the survey examines trends for the following types of international assignments: One-way Transfers, Developmental/training, Short-term, and Commuter.

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International Business Travelers Survey

This survey, new in 2018, digs into policies and practices put in place to address the tracking, compensation, travel, support, and insurance coverage of business travelers.

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Rotator Assignments Survey and Services

Rotators are critical to the success of the overseas operations of many companies. These unique workers support challenging projects in a range of locations and industries, particularly energy, mining, engineering, and construction. Mercer's competitive data and expertise in global mobility management can help support your international rotator programs.

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Local Plus and Location-specific Surveys

Offering an in-depth look at policies and practices in several locations where local plus packages are prevalent, these surveys expand on our recent research into alternative assignment types.

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Benefits Survey for Internationally Mobile Employees

This survey covers policies and trends in the provision of benefits to globally mobile employees by multinational companies.

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Gulf Cooperation Council International Assignment Survey

Focusing on the assignment policies and practices of organizations headquartered in the GCC, this report offers a unique data set available nowhere else in the international mobility space.

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Africa Assignment Policies and Practices Survey

The Africa Assignment Policies and Practices Survey helps companies establish assignment policies and practices as it relates specifically to long-term assignments into Africa and amongst African countries, regardless of the location of the company’s headquarters.

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Mobility Guides Mercer has assembled a collection of guides and whitepapers to help you understand key aspects of managing an international assignment program effectively, including guides to starting a program, expatriate compensation, policy development, technology, and more.

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News and Articles Our Knowledge Center features timely articles on mobility issues and trends, interviews with experts in the field, and news about conditions around the world affecting employees on international assignments.

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Expatriate Compensation

Determining the proper compensation approach can be challenging. Written by Mercer experts, our guide to compensation approaches will provide a detailed analysis of the three main compensation methods to help you choose the right solution based on your specific needs

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Policy Flexibility

As mobility programs grow and new situations arise, companies may need to be flexible on their approach to compensation. Our whitepaper outlines the considerations, benefits, and drawbacks involved.

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