See how Mobilize Housing Solution can help you control your housing allowance budget

Mercer Mobilize Housing Solution

Expatriate housing with a perfect view

Provide equitable, cost-effective housing allowances with up-to-date, transparent, and accurate expatriate housing data for over 430 locations worldwide on a platform that lets you tailor housing decisions to your company's needs.

How it works

Mercer Mobilize Housing Solution™ helps you provide your employees with effective housing budget.

The tool allows you to calculate housing allowance taking into account a range of factors such as family size, property type, cost categories, number of bedrooms, and your budget.

If you upgrade to advanced functionalities, you gain access also to maps, neighborhoods, more cost categories, reverse lookup by setting the price range, display averages, as well as the option to determine the housing allowance by job position levels.

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Enhanced tool that makes managing housing decisions easy

Mercer Mobilize Housing Solution™ has been rebuilt to provide a highly improved user experience. With enhanced performance and a refreshed, user-friendly interface, the tool makes gathering information – from broad to very detailed – quick, flexible, and convenient like never before!

For a fully customized solution, contact us about Mercer Mobilize Housing Solution Pro.


  • Robust, Tailored Expat Housing Data
  • Transparency & Control
  • Interactive Maps
  • Neighborhood Selection
  • Reverse Lookup
  • Customized Reporting
  • Location Information

Mercer’s global reach and relationships with reputable destination service providers ensure we have the best view of local expatriate housing markets worldwide.

  • Get accurate, current data – we cover more than 430 locations worldwide, each updated twice a year (more often for locations experiencing volatility).
  • Set transparent, flexible housing allowances.
  • Sort by neighborhoods, cost levels, houses or apartments, furnished or unfurnished, size, and other options.
  • Customize the tool to your company policies.
  • Make the most of the tool with Mercer’s client service relationship.

Our easy-to-use platform lets you minimize exception requests by putting you in control of every step of setting housing allowances.

  • Explore the location through interactive maps and detailed neighborhood information.
  • Select the neighborhoods, cost level, and accommodation details that match your needs.
  • Use reverse lookup to see what housing fits your budget range.
  • View sample rentals to ensure realistic expectations.
  • Decide what to share with various stakeholders.

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Interactive mapping lets you quickly visualize, understand, and defend housing budgets.

  • Explore neighborhoods.
  • See detailed street-level views.
  • Pinpoint sample housing listings and sites like schools and airports.
  • Add your own "pushpins" for any addresses to see proximity to housing.

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Choose only the host location areas you want to consider, based on distance from the office or other sites, price levels, availability, or any other needs particular to your expats.

  • See neighborhood information.
  • Include only the desired neighborhoods in your budget calculations.

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See what sort of housing a certain rental amount will get. This feature will help you set expectations and frame the discussion around exception requests.

  • Search for housing options based on a budget amount or range.
  • Limit by area, number of bedrooms, furnished/unfurnished, and house/apartment.

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Choose the output from the tool, making it easy to share information in a format customized for each stakeholder, from senior management to the assignee.

  • Select level of detail and type of information to include.
  • Export to PDF or Microsoft Excel.
  • View a complete print report.

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Detailed location features of the Mercer Mobilize Housing Solution include:

  • Security
  • Neighborhood notes
  • Lease information
  • Utility costs
  • Comments
  • Standard lease terms
  • Market conditions/trends
  • Additional costs
  • Garage/parking
  • Trend
  • Sources
  • Initial costs and fees
  • Negotiability


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Need housing data fast? Our Real-Time RentCheck service can provide you with an up-to-date assessment of the housing market in many neighborhoods within as little as 48 hours.

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