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Country-specific, online courses for your global workforce

CultureWizardPassport™, from Mercer and RW³ LLC, helps HR managers assure a reasonable ROI for their development and mobility programs while helping leaders and mobile employees to optimize their experience in their host countries.

CultureWizardPassport offers complete, country-specific, and affordable online cultural training programs suitable for all your employees:

  • Business travelers
  • Traditional expatriate assignees and their families
  • Employees on developmental assignments
  • Managers of diverse teams
  • Employees within culturally diverse teams
  • Global graduates
  • Members of virtual work teams
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MercerPassport Equip your employees with a valuable source of reference guides, tips, checklists and tools to help them move, live and succeed overseas.


Online DEI courses Do you have the right tools to capitalize on diversity and create the inclusive workplace you want?

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PowerLearn One-on-one virtual cultural coaching sessions customized to the exact needs of the coachee, whether they need skills to work with colleagues across borders, cultures or generations.

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