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To help companies optimize their domestic relocation programs, we are able to draw on Mercer’s vast resources to offer both policy expertise and comprehensive data solutions. Our solutions let you ensure cost-effective and competitive policies are in place and calculate the right incentives when transferring employees within the United States or Canada.

Need Domestic Relocation Policy Data?

The results of our 2018 North America Domestic Relocation Policy Survey are now available. The report addresses key elements of a relocation program and provides benchmark data to set fair and competitive policies. In-depth detail is provided on the issues involved in transfers from low-cost to high-cost locations. Three main policy types are covered in the survey – Core Policies, Core Flex Policies, and Lump Sum Policies. Choose your location below to learn more and order the report.

Canada United States

Our Domestic relocation services include:

Policy Design & Update

Whether developing policies or facing specific challenges, we can help implement the right strategies for your domestic relocation program.  Find out more

Program Benchmarking

Stay competitive with your peers by benchmarking your policies against Mercer’s comprehensive domestic relocation survey data. Find out more

Cost Comparisons

Compensate relocating employees fairly for differences in housing, cost of living, and taxes using our state-of-the-art methodology. Find out more

Geographic Salary Differentials

In addition to cost of living allowances, consider relative salary levels between locations with up-to-date, actual market data before adjusting compensation.

US Geographic Salary Differential Data

Canada Geographic Salary Differential Data

US Tax Reform Early in 2018, Mercer surveyed companies on their response to the changes in US tax policy, which affected domestic relocation. The report from that survey is available for free, as is a recording from the related webcast.

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News and Articles Our Knowledge Center features timely articles on mobility issues and trends, interviews with experts in the field, and news about conditions around the world affecting employees on international assignments.

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Expatriate Compensation

Determining the proper compensation approach can be challenging. Written by Mercer experts, our guide to compensation approaches will provide a detailed analysis of the three main compensation methods to help you choose the right solution based on your specific needs

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Policy Flexibility

As mobility programs grow and new situations arise, companies may need to be flexible on their approach to compensation. Our whitepaper outlines the considerations, benefits, and drawbacks involved.

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