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Family support solutions

Solving dual-career and integration issues

Dual-career issues often are a key barrier to the success of an international assignment, so ensuring the right level of support for your employee’s partner or spouse and their entire family can dictate the overall mobility experience.

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To facilitate successful assignments and motivate your employees, plan and design positive mobility experiences that incorporate the needs of their families.

1. Insights

Get to know your people

Our employee research spans all aspects of the employee experience – employee engagement, team effectiveness, leadership, and organizational culture – to help you better understand your people and drive positive business outcomes. We help your organization:

Measure what matters

Leverage strategic employee listening programs that combine the right methodologies with validated content and agile technology.

Gain meaningful people insights

More than data, dashboards and reports – gain access to integrated analytics and actionable insights.

Turn insights into action

Use dynamic design-thinking strategies to empower leaders, managers and HR to drive positive change.

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2. Advisory services

Design positive mobility experiences

Like every family, each organization is unique with its own goals, needs and challenges. Mercer’s experienced team are happy to help you explore how to deliver the best possible relocation experience for your assignees’ spouses/partners and families.

Partner with us to work through:

Assignment cycle review

Leverage a Target Interaction Model to transform your mobility function and focus on the key interactions that really matter for your international assignees and their families.

Family experience-focused policy review

Analyze the different policy components to determine gaps or areas for improvement to deliver the best possible family experience.

Benefit approaches

Define the right approach to benefits among the available options. Should your policy allow for benefits swapping, cash conversion or the use of lump sums? We help you weigh the pros and cons and establish the optimal approach for your organization and your mobile employees.

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3. Partner support

Deliver assistance to the partners or spouses of your assignees

Mercer, partnering with NetExpat, deliver fully customized assistance programs designed to support the partners and spouses of your mobile employees with their career and integration needs.

Career support

Help your employees’ partners successfully navigate the job market in their new location with career counseling, CV creation support, mock interviews and networking skills development delivered by a local expert.

International integration support

Enable your employees’ non-working partners to stay empowered throughout their expatriation. A local expert will help them find their place in the local community by pursuing hobbies, further education and volunteering opportunities.

Pre-decision support

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There are sensitive issues between your assignee and their partner that can prevent mobility if not properly addressed in the pre-assignment phase. We help them uncover their individual challenges, explore how they can support each other, and empower to make well-informed decisions through dedicated coaching sessions.

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Education allowances Assess and manage education allowances for your internationally mobile employees' children. Access comprehensive data on tuition fees at international schools in hundreds of locations and multiple school types around the globe. 

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