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Managing international HR and global mobility processes via spreadsheets and emails may open the door to inefficiencies, risks and costly assignment failure. Yet, lots of employers still rely on Excel and Word to manage their programs. Why?

Too many organizations believe global mobility software to be out of their reach for 3 main reasons: budget, resources, and time.

Here's good news: A tech implementation doesn't need to eat up all your budget and engage your entire team for months!

Mercer's Mobility Management Platform (MMP)

The scalable and flexible assignment management software

At Mercer, our purpose is to unlock technology benefits for all our clients and their employees, whatever the age, size and complexity of their mobility program, whatever their budget and resources.

That's why we designed MMP - a centralized, cloud-based system that helps small, medium and large organizations alike automate and manage their international and domestic assignments.

Choose the configuration that matches your needs:

MMP Embark

Quickly leverage standard self-service functionalities.

MMP Evolve

Benefit from customization and integrations.

MMP Experience

Enjoy full process automation and configurability.

The technology can flexibly adapt to your growing and evolving needs, whether you’re just embarking on your automation journey and looking for a self-serve solution to move away from spreadsheets, or managing a complex and robust program requiring tailored automation solutions.

  • Unlock automation and simplify workflows
  • Relieve HR's administrative burden
  • Stay ahead of compliance
  • Boost employee experience
  • Track ROI and keep an eye on mobility costs
  • Integrate compensation and cost projection tools

Organizations who chose MMP:

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How much can you save thanks to automation?

In tough financial times, it can be challenging to build the business case even for a small technology investment. But automation can potentially save your organization money reducing direct and indirect expenses.

Use our calculator to see how much you could save by eliminating outsourcing costs, decreasing time spent by your mobility team managing employee questions and queries, as well as accelerating your assignees into their new roles.

How does Mobility Management Platform work?

Whether you are part of an organization’s mobility management team, a vendor, or are a local manager or an internal assignee, our digitized platform will support your needs and offer sustainable and data-driven results so you can be successful in your mobility journey.

MMP integrates all parts and stakeholders of your mobility processes:

Mobility teams

Empower your Mobility Team to manage assignments with ease thanks to a centralised live database with ServiceNow automated workflows, integrated reporting, compensation and cost projection tools, as well as access to Mercer data, and auto-generation of key documents.


Provide Managers with transparency and control through a dedicated access portal. They can now manage all tasks with ease thanks to automated assignment approvals and case initiation, and leverage access to dynamic reporting dashboards with live visibility.


Ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience to your expat employees and their families. A dedicated mobile-friendly access portal guides your assignees through every step of the move, providing live visibility of tasks and easy “on-the-go” completion. The platform also offers accurate self-service host location information, a live chat functionality and more.

Finance and payroll

Gain access to Mercer’s full suite of mobility-specific reports and calculators for financial reporting, and automated merged payroll instructions.

HR systems

Integrate MMP with your HRIS to avoid data entry duplication and save your people’s time.


Leverage full or partial integration with 3rd party vendors (e.g. tax, relocation or immigration) to reduce the number of access portals for all stakeholders, and easily manage all aspects of your vendor relationships.

Note: Full functionality is available with MMP Experience. Contact us to learn more about the different setup and pricing options.

MMP, combined with our full suite of data and consulting services, makes it even easier to get the unparalleled support you need in your mobility journey. Mercer is the only provider to offer the data, tools, and experience that will help HR professionals, managers, and expatriates meet the organization’s specific mobility needs with practical advice on policies, procedures, and program design.

Why choose Mercer and ServiceNow for assignment management?

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