Business Travel Allowance

Mercer Business Travel Allowance reports provide data to determine daily allowances for overseas business travelers. The report contain information on actual hotel and meal rates as well as miscellaneous charges at three different budget levels: High, Medium, and Low.

Mercer Business Travel Allowance reports not only facilitate a fair and efficient way to manage business travel costs but also:

  • Cap expenses
  • Estimate budgets more accurately
  • Cut costs

Available for more than 330 individual business destinations worldwide and four key regions - Africa & the Middle East, the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe - the reports provide cost data in the destination currency and the home currency, or any other currencies required.

This report helps:

  • Establish a flat per diem
  • Set guidelines for reimbursing actual expenses
  • Control expenses for employees going on overseas business trips
  • Estimate costs for bids and proposals

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