Short-term assignments

Short-term international assignments usually last between 3 and 12 months, and allow companies to transfer skills, knowledge and resources quickly and cost effectively, providing a quick response to business needs.

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However, living costs for short-term assignees are different from other categories of mobile workers. Mercer’s technology and data solutions can help you handle the related issues with efficiency and ease.

Per Diem Allowance Calculator 2.0

Recently rebuilt and enhanced for improved efficiency and user experience, our Per Diem Allowance Calculator 2.0 is a powerful tool to help your company determine per diem rates suitable for business travelers.

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Short Term Travel Cost Report

The report helps you accurately forecast the cost of short-term assignments, commuter assignments or extended business travels. It accounts for the costs of airfares, accommodation, car rental as well as per diem allowances, providing data in up to 3 currencies.

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Alternative International Assignments (AIA) Survey

Our Alternative International Assignments survey explores the use of international assignments other than long-term expatriate assignments: short-term assignments, permanent movesone-way transfers, and commuter assignments.

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Assignment segmentation As managing a globally mobile workforce grows more complicated, assignment policy segmentation offers more flexibility and a broader range of solutions.

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Business travel allowances Looking for daily allowances for business travellers?

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More tech solutions See what other tools Mercer offers that streamline the work of building assignment compensation packages.

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