International benefits

Managing benefit programs for internationally mobile employees

An important, but complicated, aspect of international assignments is protecting the health and retirement benefits of your key talent after they are sent abroad. Employers need a manageable and transparent process that provides a positive experience for assignees, while at the same time controlling costs and complying with local legislation. As global mobility programs expand, diversify, and become more complex due to assignment policy segmentation, the complications grow harder to manage. International assignee benefits need to be carefully assessed and defined for each assignment type. Mercer Marsh Benefits is uniquely qualified to provide consultation solutions with these priorities in mind.

The Mercer Marsh Benefits proposition

Plan management

  • Gain a strategic view and use of insurance networks
  • Leverage expert analysis and advice on protecting against continued high cost increases
  • Improve time efficiency: reduced time spent on administration internally
  • Reduce contact points


  • Ensure programs align with changing legislation
  • Understand complexities better

Support for continuous improvement

  • Regular review of policies to maintain service levels, quality of offering, and cost efficiencies
  • Verification of continued robust governance and compliance

Experienced staff

  • Get insights from our experts in global mobility
  • Gain access to our comprehensive portfolio of relevant data for use with clients and in insurer negotiations

Why Mercer Marsh Benefits?

  • MMB is uniquely positioned thanks to our large global network of brokers and consultants with expertise in both domestic and international benefits.
  • As market leader, we work closely with providers to leverage the right solutions for our client.
  • We offer a full strategic approach across all benefit areas for longer-term sustainability and placement of mobile employees.
  • The MMB Centre of Excellence for International Benefits offers a unique approach to mobility, ensuring that all of our teams have access to expert knowledge and resources to assist clients globally.

May we help? If you need help assessing or revising your benefits program for mobile employees, please contact us to arrange a consultation.

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