Optimize relocation costs and experience!

Relocation costs and services

Budgeting relocation costs can be easy and transparent!

Leading organizations curate their mobile employees’ experiences from start to finish of the assignment. To help you provide comprehensive support and allowances that cover relocation services for the assignee and their family, Mercer offers efficient budgeting data that reflects the actual relocation costs across multiple locations worldwide, in collaboration with Crown World Mobility.

Shipment costs

Determine one-off allowances to help your international employees send their personal belongings to the assignment location.


Storage costs

Set efficient allowances to provide storage of your employees’ personal belongings in the home location for the duration of their assignment.

storage facility

Destination and immigration service costs

Establish budgets for fees enabling your international assignees to settle and work overseas, including work authorization, legal applications for spouses/registered partners or dependent children and more.

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A relocation service provider you can trust

Do you want to go one step further and arrange the relocation services for your employees to provide the best and most complete assignee experience? Are you looking for a reputable and efficient relocation service provider you can trust?

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Mercer partners with Crown World Mobility to offer a full range of relocation services for your needs. From start to finish, your people will be taken care of – at an efficient and reasonable cost!

Destination services

  • Preview trips
  • Orientation
  • Home search
  • School search
  • Settling-in
  • Departure services
  • Temporary accommodation

Moving services

  • Shipment of household goods
  • Secure storage
  • Transit insurance
  • Vehicle transportation
  • Pet transportation

Program administration

Domestic and international relocations

Mobility advisor support

Policy briefings

Visa and immigration

Global visa processing and work permits

Visa tracking

Audit and compliance

Global support

Candidate assessment

Language training

Financial services

Employee expense reimbursements

Third party vendor payments

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MercerPassport Equip your employees with a valuable source of reference guides, tips, checklists and tools to help them move, live and succeed overseas.


Furniture Allowance Calculator Including a one-time furniture allowance in the assignment package in lieu of shipment may help solve many challenges – both for you and your mobile employees.

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