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Compensation and allowances

The beginner's guide to global mobility: a comprehensive overview

Download this practical handbook for a comprehensive overview of the key factors and trends in building expatriate packages, including compensation approaches, allowances and premiums (cost of living, housing, quality of living/hardship) as well as international tax considerations.


What's the best method to pay my expatriates?

This guide explains the various approaches to compensating expatriates. The one you choose must reflect your organization's compensation philosophy while supporting your strategic talent mobility aims and staying within budget.


Practical mobility management: compensation tips for long-term assignments

There is more to expatriate compensation than just covering relocation expenses and adding a few allowances to the base salary. When managing a mobile global workforce, mastering the complexity of the global compensation landscape means juggling multiple compensation approaches and the increasing segmentation of mobility policies. Here are a few pointers to help you navigate the meanders of long-term assignment compensation.


Policies and practices

From core flex to care flex

Reconciling compliance constraints, business requirements, and the aspirations of employees and management is leading to more meaningful forms of flexibility — new “care flex” approaches. In this article, we explore integrating care flex approaches into mobility policy, including real-world case studies.


Mobile employee well-being

Let’s look into the mental well-being challenges faced by internationally mobile employees and consider how organizations can design a support program, enlist the support of management, and secure the participation of the assignees themselves to work towards better outcomes.


Getting started with international remote working

The extensive use of remote working during the pandemic has forced organizations to reimagine their work setup and generated new expectations among employees. This guide offers practical considerations for organizations exploring the possible approaches to international remote work and virtual assignments.


Developing a new mobility policy

Far more than just a simple document with a list of allowances and benefits, a mobility policy is setting the key principles and philosophy used to manage assignees. This step-by-step guide explains the considerations involved.


Flexibility in mobility policy

As mobility managers grapple with increasingly international and mobile workforces and changing generational expectations, flexibility with mobility policy becomes imperative. For organizations that seek to provide fair and consistent policies globally, there are new models that provide choice.


Two minutes to understand global mobility management

This collection of articles offers a quick overview of several key areas in the field of global mobility management.


Practical global mobility management

Setting up local plus approaches, policy segmentation, cost containment, and exception management are some of the key issues for mobility managers. This free white paper helps you address these issues.


Diversity, equity and inclusion

Building a diverse and inclusive mobile workforce

This guide gives companies a framework for assessing the diversity, equity, and inclusion of their mobile workforces and provides steps they can take to improve it.


Global mobility: the path to diversity

Fostering diversity within the workforce is not just a moral imperative, it also makes economic sense. It allows companies to tap into new talent pools and provide a significant advantage in the global talent war. In this article, we look at the interrelations among mobility, diversity, and talent development, and outline four steps in implement diversity enablers in mobility policy.


Digital transformation

Using technology to optimize global mobility

We take a critical look at which parts of the expatriate management cycle are most amenable to technology solutions, then consider when and how to implement them to optimize program management processes.


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Digitalization checklist

The right software solutions can be transformational for global mobility teams, enabling them to manage their international programs and processes more efficiently and safely. But lack of proper preparation and planning could result in multiple issues you’ll need to face once the implementation process is already underway. Avoid this trap with our checklist that helps you structure your thinking in three essential areas.


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Transforming global mobility: the journey toward optimization, automation, and business partnering

This point of view takes an in-depth look at the processes and technology transforming mobility across companies today.


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