Furniture Allowance Calculator

Your tailored overview of furniture costs to efficiently help assignees furnish their home away from home.

Overcome shipment challenges

With the recent supply chain crisis coupled with a worldwide focus on climate change targets, shipping goods using freight has been increasingly challenging – and costly!

Better support your assignees

Not all mobile employees have furniture to bring on an assignment. For unaccompanied assignees who leave their family at home or young workers renting furnished apartments, getting new furniture at the host location may be the only solution.

How can Mercer's Furniture Allowance Calculator help you?

Including a one-time furniture allowance in the assignment package may help solve any challenges – both for you and your mobile employees. Mercer’s Furniture Allowance Calculator ensures you provide the benefit fairly and consistently across locations and family sizes, as well as tailor the calculation to fit your policy and grant flexibility to the assignees.

  • Consistent
  • Flexible
  • Equitable
  • Cost-efficient

Items included:

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Large and small appliances

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  • Reliable and current furniture prices available for 30+ standard locations; selected additional locations are available on request.
  • The data is gathered from publicly-available sources.
  • The output can be provided as a static PDF document or an Excel calculator.

Download the brochure for more details

See available locations, pricing information and sample output.

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The business case for furniture allowances Furniture allowances have emerged as an increasingly popular alternative to household goods shipment for assignments and transfers, but they have a potential to flexibly enhance mobility programs in multiple ways.

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