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As companies begin to place employees at the center of their mobility strategies, the right technologies can help them manage the challenges – from immigration and cost tracking to optimizing workflow and streamlining communication. An overwhelming 99% of organizations say they are looking to embark on transformation, according to Mercer’s 2020 Global Talent Trends study, and 34% of those are planning to invest in automation. Mercer offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help every organization manage its global workforce more effectively.

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Global mobility program management

With the assignment landscape evolving and changing faster than ever, we have seen increasing demand for proven and flexible mobility management technologies. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of such technologies. Over a third of companies are likely to increase the use of AI and automation in order to mitigate the impact of a potential downturn, according to Mercer’s 2020 Global Talent Trends study.

Mercer offers three robust and powerful solutions, featuring a suite of functionalities than can be tailored to your business priorities and mobility strategy.

Chart summarizing how technlogy transformation benefits the global mobility function

Mobility Management Platform™ (MMP)

Digitalize mobility, deliver experience

MMP is a cloud-based solution built in collaboration with ServiceNow® that helps manage complex mobility programs by bringing all aspects of an organization’s international and domestic assignments, along with proprietary Mercer data, together in one place.

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  • Consumer-grade experience for all stakeholders
  • Access to Mercer tools and data
  • HRIS integrations


Transform how you manage and administer your mobile workforce

AssignmentPro is an international assignment management tool that uses best-in-class technology to meet your company’s demands.

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  • Process control and automation
  • Robust reporting and tracking capabilities
  • HRIS integrations

AssignmentPro™ Core

Transform your global mobility program – affordably

For businesses with small to mid-sized mobility programs, having an effective assignment management platform is the key to success. AssignmentPro Core is the solution.

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  • Cloud-based ecosystem
  • Automated workflows and tracking
  • Easy implementation

Building international assignment packages

Build entire compensation packages for your international assignees using our intuitive calculators and robust data.

Screenshot collage of a Mercer mobility calculators

Mercer’s suite of calculation tools gives you access to industry-leading, robust and reliable data, making compensation packages easier and faster to design. From housing allowances, to tax calculations, to moving to a local-based pay structure, you can rely on the tools to build transparent and cost-efficient assignment packages.

Most of these mobility tools have recently moved to our cutting-edge technology platform as we continue rebuilding and enhancing them to provide you with exceptional user experience and even easier access to our robust data.

Cultural training

Help your international assignees adjust to living and working in a new location to ensure the success of overseas assignments.

Two businessmen bowing courteously to each other in advance of a business meeting

Jumping into a different culture may, at first, be a stressful and difficult experience. Help your expatriate employees and their families prepare for the move and adjust to the new environment, improving their well-being in the new location and ensuring the assignment’s success.

According to 38% of respondents in Mercer’s 2020 WIAPP survey, difficulty adjusting to the host country has been the most frequent factor responsible for assignment failure in their organisations during the last two years.

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