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Global mobility software from Mercer

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Managing a global workforce using spreadsheets and emails puts you at risk.

Find the right digital tools that can help your team manage the challenges of their daily work - from compliance and cost tracking to optimizing workflows and streamlining firm-wide communication.

Comprehensive suite of digital tools for all needs

With our suite of cloud-based mobility software solutions, the benefits of digitalization are accessible for all mobility teams and their global workforces – whatever the age, size and complexity of their mobility programs, whatever their budget and resources.

Planning and budget

Plan and budget efficiently with calculators and cost projection tools, integrating robust international compensation data.

The calculators can also be integrated within your Mobility Management Platform.

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Program management

Manage programs with ease with automated tasks, integrated reporting, HRIS and vendor integrations and more functionalities delivered by our mobility management system.

Mobility Management Platform (MMP)

MMP is a cloud-based solution built in collaboration with ServiceNow® that helps you centralize all aspects of your mobility program management.

  • Simplified and automated workflows
  • Dedicated access portals for all stakeholders
  • Integrated compensation and cost projection tools
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • HRIS and vendor integrations
  • ...and more!

Our MMP offering adapts to the needs and budgets of small, medium and large mobility programs.

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Assignee training

Help your international assignees prepare for living and working overseas and set them up for success with cultural training tools and dedicated resources.

  • MercerPassport® - Self-serve portal with practical country information; also available within Mobility Management Platform
  • CultureWizardPassport™ - Location-specific online courses for international employees and teams
  • DEI online courses - Self-paced e-learning modules on workforce diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Learnflix - Suite of 50 e-learning courses to help your employees develop a range of professional skills

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