Solutions by assignment type

Mercer offers a wide array of international HR management solutions designed to help HR professionals get the most out of their talent mobility strategies. Discover innovative tools, reports, surveys, and more, all backed by Mercer's years of global workforce experience and designed to fit your unique talent mobility needs. Optimize compensation and benefits plans for expatriates on long-term assignments, international business travelers, and every assignment category between.

Virtual assignments

Virtual expatriate assignments jumped to the forefront during the global pandemic. Although not a replacement for every type of international assignment, virtual ones have quickly been established as viable options for some situations. Find out how to assess the viability of virtual assignments for your organization's global talent needs.

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Long-term assignments

Enhance your long-term assignment strategies with the most accurate international relocation data available, featuring insights on expatriate allowances, local housing data, expat tax rates, and other essentials for managing a globally mobile workforce.

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Short-term assignments

Take advantage of advanced innovative expatriate management tools and cost calculators for your employees on short-term international assignments—while also saving organizational costs and resources.

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Localized compensation

From localized pay to local plus compensation to host-based approaches, Mercer's expertise in global rewards helps you navigate your options, understand local benefits, and build appropriate expatriate compensation packages.

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Domestic relocations

For companies who need to transfer people within the United States and Canada, Mercer's international cost of living and housing data and detailed local salary information offer unmatched insights on pay and incentives.

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Business travel

Business travel remains an essential, but expensive, part of international commerce. Learn how to cut costs, accurately estimate budgets, and set fair reimbursement guidelines for you global road warriors.

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Assignment segmentation

The expatriate mobility landscape is fast evolving and companies find it increasingly difficult to have only one policy covering all international assignments. Segmenting policy by duration and purpose is the key to flexibility and cost savings.

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Flexible working policies and practices The way we work is changing. As many organizations lean towards flexible work options it’s important to establish what flexibility looks like for your employees. Discovering what’s sustainable long-term is key to fully identifying short-term flexibility decisions vs. a long-term plan.

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Where to start? Whether you have a large and established mobility program in need of optimization or are just starting a global expansion, Mercer can help. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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