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Mobile workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion: online courses

Managing a distributed workforce composed of long-term and short-term expatriates, locally hired foreigners, international remote workers, commuters and frequent business travelers requires careful management of inclusion issues.

New forms of assignments and new work setups open up new opportunities for women and minorities to participate in the mobile workforce. However, in the absence of an inclusive culture and career equity, these opportunities might not materialize. The risk of mobile or virtual workers to fall by the wayside and become perpetual outsiders is real.

Why you need to address cultural and inclusion biases

Companies that have the right technology and setup but ignore cultural and inclusion biases eventually face dissatisfaction from both employees and management. Ultimately, this means a smaller mobile talent pool, higher costs due to limited number of candidates, as well as retention and productivity issues.

On the other hand, organizations that integrate DEI factors into their thinking can increase the success of international assignments and the productivity of their employees working remotely.

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Online courses: diversity, equity, and inclusion

Mercer offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, in partnership with RW3 LLC, designed to help your organization capitalize on diversity and create the inclusive workplace you want. The following online courses are available as part of the CultureWizardPassport™ solution:

The course explains why inclusion matters in the workplace, describes the different types of implicit bias, and provides insight to help employees be more inclusive as individual contributors, as leaders, and when working with customers.

The course consists of:

  • videos,
  • scenarios,
  • action-planning sections,
  • games,
  • Global Inclusion Calculator.
The Global Inclusion Calculator is a 45-question assessment showing employees how inclusive they are behaviorally, how flexible they are in terms of thinking about diversity, and how exposed they have been (and are) to diversity. It is meant to be retaken by users so they can see their progress.

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This course will help employees learn how to manage their implicit bias in the global workplace by applying the RW-3 Pause-Reflect Model.

Scenarios in this course serve to assist individuals in learning how to pause before taking decisions.

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Employees will be taught the best methods to practice inclusion in the workplace.

These include detailed discussions on:

  • Curiosity Conversations
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Allyship.

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Created for managers and leaders, providing them with actionable insights on how to become more inclusive and effective leaders of global teams.

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With a very global perspective, how can employees confront racial and ethnic bias?

This course features several global experts on best practices against racial and ethnic bias in the workplace.

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Culture Wizard Passport Get country-specific, online courses for your global workforce – and lay the foundations for successful international assignments.

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Path to diversity Our free whitepaper outlines steps you can take to build a diverse workforce and benefit from having a greater global pool of talent.

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MercerPassport Equip your employees with a valuable source of reference guides, tips, checklists and tools to help them move, live and succeed overseas.

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