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Mobile workforce diversity and inclusion

Fostering workforce diversity, especially at the managerial level, ranks high in the list of priorities at many companies. Yet, all too often, the role played by global mobility to help companies reach their goal is underestimated. Moving talent between jobs and between geographies plays a key role in fostering diversity and inclusion, and mobility management teams should be at the forefront in the fight to develop a diverse workforce.

Chart showing aspects of a diverse and inclusive workforce

Mercer is offering a Global Inclusion Course designed to help your organization capitalize on diversity and create the inclusive workplace you want as part of the Culture Wizard Passport solution.

Main features of the inclusion online course:

  • The course explains why inclusion matters in the workplace, describes the different types of implicit bias, and provides insight to help employees be more inclusive as individual contributors, as leaders, and when working with customers. 

    Screenshot of the Global Inclusion Course
  • It consists of videos, scenarios, and action-planning sections, as well as games and a Global Inclusion Calculator.
  • The Global Inclusion Calculator is a 45-question assessment showing employees how inclusive they are behaviourally, how flexible they are in terms of thinking about diversity, and how exposed they have been (and are) to diversity. It is meant to be retaken by users so they can see their progress.

    Screenshot of Global Inclusion Calculator

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