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Personal Income Tax Solution

Assignee compensation with a fair value

Mercer's Personal Income Tax Solution makes determining assignee taxes easier by providing immediate access to all the information and data you need to calculate the tax and social security part of an international assignment.

The Personal Income Tax Solution is a cost-effective, multifunctional international HR management product that includes a powerful calculator and full reports on personal income tax. The Personal Income Tax Solution is available for 140+ locations, including regions and states, on a global entitlement or location-specific basis.

We have rebuilt the calculator to provide a highly improved user experience. With enhanced performance and a refreshed, user-friendly interface, you can measure the real value of your employee's compensation, showing the exact difference made by taxes, easier, faster and more accurate than ever!


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Mercer's Personal Tax Reports are authoritative guides on tax requirements and social charges. In simple-to-read terms, each report explains how the local tax system is built and the implications for both local executives and assignees.

The reports help you assess the true value of assignee compensation packages by enabling you to determine your employees' tax obligations. They also provide answers to key questions:

  • What income tax and social security contributions need to be made by the individual and the employer? 
  • Are any income and benefits exempt?
  • Do any deductions and tax credits apply?
  • Are there special tax concessions for assignees?
  • Are there child subsidies/family allowances or other special allowances that offset taxes?
  • What are the requirements and regulations of the local tax laws?

The reports also show samples of tax calculations and tables that cover the effective tax burden on a wide range of situations, for various salaries and family sizes.

Mercer Personal Tax calculator screenshot

The Personal Income Tax Calculator is a powerful tool that will help you measure the real value of your employee's compensation, showing the exact difference made by taxes. The calculator enables you to determine gross-to-net and net-to-gross compensation to show how much of the salary will be left over after taxes.

Customize the calculation with multiple analysis options. You can include or exclude social security contributions and family allowances, as well as set various currencies. All statutory information is loaded, and you can include statistically modeled assumptions for deductions, credits, and exemptions, as well as additional assumptions for statutory requirements.

Additional allowances, tax-deductible contributions, and benefits-in-kind can also be considered for an accurate gross-to-net or net-to-gross analysis.

Mercer Personal Tax Calculator Screenshot

Access to the easy-to-use Personal Income Tax Solution is available via your or Mobility Exchange account. You can purchase a subscription that includes access to the reports and calculator for all 140+ countries and regions offered, or purchase access on a location-specific basis.

Mercer Personal Income Tax solution screenshot Personal Tax Calculation Results

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Coverage Personal Income Tax Solution is available for more than 140 locations.

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