Global mobility policy benchmarking

How do your policies measure up?


Can you prove that your strategy for rewarding and managing expatriates is working? Are your policies fair compared to what your competitors are doing? Can you document what you need to get support from other decision makers?

Using the unparalleled data from the latest research, we will provide you with custom benchmarking consulting and assess your mobility program using an array of precise policy benchmarking tools. We'll work with you to identify gaps in your policy that could be costing you money or valuable competitive advantages.


Why benchmark?


Validate your company's competitive position:

  • Identify possible improvements and cost savings
  • Align expatriate policy with overall business objectives
  • Define policy changes necessary to remain competitive
  • Build a business case for policy changes
  • Facilitate exception management
  • Help managers understand current practices and evolving market trends
  • Calibrate your market position
  • Attract and retain the right workforce
  • Learn about innovative ideas for managing a changing mobile workforce


Policy benchmarking options


Whether you need benchmarking data to conduct your own self-review or comprehensive advisory support, Mercer offers a full range of benchmarking options, from off-the-shelf reports, custom peer group data cuts, to a dashboard of your company's positioning against market and bespoke market research.

Our regularly updated market database enables you to benchmark all mobility program aspects and assignment types. Whether you have one universal expatriate policy or segmented policies for various assignment types, we can create a custom benchmarking package tailored to your needs.

1. Off-the-shelf report

A PDF report of the executive summary and all-respondent question-by-question survey result tables updated once at the end of each survey cycle.

2. Custom benchmarking report

A PDF report showing aggregated survey results from a selected peer group or groups of participating companies (min. 8) with or without your company positioning.

  • Multiple peer groups can be selected
  • Includes all survey questions
  • Does not include conclusions or recommendations
  • Based on an evolving database

3. Custom benchmarking report with a dashboard

A PDF report showing aggregated survey results from a selected peer group or groups of participating companies (min. 8) with a dashboard assessment showing your market rating ('at', 'above' or 'below') for each core policy element, alongside a brief narrative backing and explaining the assessment conclusions.

  • Multiple peer groups can be selected
  • Based on an evolving database
  • Observations relevant specifically for your organization
  • General review of policy elements at, above and below market trends
  • Mercer recommendations

Are your policies competitive? To understand how your company's assignment policies and practices compare with prevailing trends, order a report from one of our global surveys. Mercer has collected data on every type of assignment in use today and has a benchmarking database drawing on more than 1000 multinational companies.

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