Mobility Program Process Review

Why does it matter

With the increase of globalization, it is imperative that companies maintain that all-important competitive edge. Given the tremendous cost of expatriates, companies that do not proactively review the effectiveness of their international assignment programs on a regular basis run the risk of poorly executed policies, disenchanted and unproductive expatriates, and negative impact on the bottom line.

Some of the key factors impacting mobility processes include:

  • HR operating models for mobility functions.
  • Use of shared services, outsourcing and global employment companies. 
  • Cost and risk management.
  • Vendor management.
  • Assignment technology.
  • HR staffing and headcount optimization.

How can Mercer Assist you?

Mercer has experience in HR Function transformation and operating model engagements with small, medium and large organizations. Understanding interdependencies and impact of mobility project design decisions for the overall HR transformation is critical for a successful change. Mercer will ensure a smooth transition of global mobility into new operating models based on transparent service transition set-up.


Mobility Program Process Review chart Global Mobility Operating Model Design

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Mobility Program Process Review chart Approach for framing HR transformation engagements

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Mercer can help you:

  • Explore options for organizational set-ups for HR and mobility functions and review the pros and cons and potential impact of each option.
  • Review outsourcing, share services models and global employment companies.
  • Evaluate the risks and cost linked to your operating model, and suggest improvements.
  • Set change-management processes that drives change at the individual and organizational level to implement effectively new policies.
  • Simplify and standardize mobility programs for best optimization of your resources.
  • Select and implement of the state-of-the-art technology solution to support new programs.
  • Assess and select mobility vendors.

Mercer’s innovative mobility process analysis tool assists you to:

  • Forecast future workforce needs and identify potential solutions and hidden issues.
  • Develop multiple alternative scenarios to understand how the business processes might be impacted by external events.
  • Articulate the degree of risk to your organization.
  • Understand the implications of the business strategy and scenarios on mobility programs.

Mobility Program Process Review chart mobility process efficiency analysis

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