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01 March 2024

Global Mobility Foundations Course

March 2024 - Exact dates to be confirmed

This course is designed for HR professionals new to the field of expatriate management who quickly need to understand the key concepts and issues around pay, benefits and program administration. Modules may also be of interest to experienced HR professionals who manage expatriates as a part of their role and for mobility professionals who need a refresher. 

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Why attend?

  • Gain insights into the drivers of global mobility, key policy types and current trends
  • Build expertise in expatriate compensation and benefits and their application for different types of mobility
  • Develop a greater understanding of expatriate compliance considerations and applications for different types of mobility
  • Understand the key administrative activities required to operate a successful, efficient and compliant global mobility program at all points in the assignment lifecycle

 The course is provided virtually through the Zoom platform. It is divided into 4 days, and each session lasts for 3 hours.


 Introduction to global mobility & expatriate compensation

  • Introduction to global mobility
  • Principles of expatriate compensation 
  • Expatriate compensation – home-based approaches
  • Cash allowances:  
    • Cash allowances: goods and services differentials
    • Cash allowances:  per diem allowances
    • Cash allowances:  hardship/location allowances
    • Cash allowances:  mobility premiums 
  • Expatriate compensation – host-based approaches
  • Expatriate compensation – hybrid and regional approaches

Introduction to global mobility compliance

  • Introduction to expatriate tax and social security
  • Introduction to immigration
  • Pre-assignment and on assignment compliance administration 

Introduction to expatriate benefits

  • Pre-assignment –  relocation benefits
  • On assignment – ongoing allowances and support
  • End of assignment –  alternatives and consideration

The assignment lifecycle

  • Pre-assignment planning and compliance – stakeholders, business case and candidate selection
  • Pre-assignment planning and compliance - assignment initiation, costings  and package preparation
  • Pre-assignment logistics – vendors, employee responsibilities and exceptions
  • Pre-assignment confirmation – payroll
  • On assignment – ongoing support
  • End of assignment – completion
  • Post-assignment – monitoring and compliance

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Global Mobility Foundations Course

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