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06 June 2024
North America

Mobility In-Person Training, New York

June 5 and 6, 2024

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools you need for effective mobility program management. Register now for an in-person training session led by Mercer mobility consultants and packed with valuable content. Live events will be held at Mercer offices in Chicago and New York providing you with additional networking opportunities. These training sessions are designed for HR and mobility professionals of all levels and experience so choose the session that best fits your needs or attend both!

June 5: Global Mobility Fundamentals

Whether you are new to expatriate management or an experienced mobility professional looking for a refresher, this course covers key concepts and issues around pay, benefits and program administration.

  • Gain insights into the drivers of global mobility, key policy types and current trends.
  • Build expertise in expatriate compensation and benefits along with their application for different types of mobility.
  • Expand your understanding of different pay delivery alternatives and impacts.
  • Develop a greater understanding on how to deal with exchange rates and inflation fluctuations.
  • Network with other global mobility professionals while sharing best practices.

June 6: Global Mobility Advanced

Designed for Global Mobility Managers or HR professionals that oversee an organizations’ global mobility program, this session covers the assignment lifecycle, program governance, flexibility, policy design and mobility function structures.

  • Understand the key administrative activities required to operate a successful, efficient and compliant global mobility program at all points in the assignment lifecycle.
  • Gain insights into the latest global mobility policy market practices and trends and consider how to review and implement in your organization.
  • Explore different ways of structuring the service delivery model including the global mobility function, third-party/outsourced vendors and technology.
  • Network with other global mobility professionals while sharing best practices.

Mercer reserves the right to decline registrations from competitors and other potential delegates that do not match the targeted audience.

Global Mobility Advanced, New York

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