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25 June 2024

International Business Travellers Survey

Tuesday, 25 June 2024. 2:00 PM CEST (8:00 AM EDT)

Join us for an exclusive webinar that will provide a comprehensive overview of the findings from the highly anticipated 2024 International Business Travellers Survey, conducted in January to March 2024. During this engaging session, our expert panel will delve into the key insights and trends revealed by the survey, offering valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of international business travel.

One of the highlights of this webinar will be the introduction of Mercer's cutting-edge Travel Tracking Tool. Designed to streamline and enhance your organization's travel management processes, this innovative tool leverages advanced technology to provide real-time tracking, risk assessment, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. Our experts will demonstrate how this tool can empower talent mobility professionals to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and optimize the travel experience for their employees.

Mercer reserves the right to decline registrations from competitors and other potential delegates that do not match the targeted audience.

International Business Travellers Survey

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