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CultureWizard PowerLearn gives your professionals the global mindset they need in a powerful, time-saving format.

PowerLearn is a one-on-one virtual coaching session that is customized to the exact needs of the coachee.

Whether they need skills to work with colleagues across borders, cultures or generations, the growth and success of any business is always dependent upon the skill set of its people.

PowerLearn is the perfect solution for professionals who are:

  • Traveling abroad for business
  • Relocating to another country
  • Managing culturally diverse teams
  • Dealing with the realities of a diverse workforce

In Four Simple Steps, Get Ready to Compete Effectively on the Global Stage

Step One

An experienced learning specialist schedules a conversation with the coachee to learn about their specific inter-cultural or global business challenges, and provides a brief demonstration of the CultureWizardPassport learning platform.

Step Two

Coachee completes an online self-assessment to measure their personal cultural values and raise self-awareness.

Step Three

One-on-one virtual coaching with an experienced culture coach. Each session is 90 minutes and addresses the coachee’s challenges and needs (based on step one).

Step Four

Coachee continues to learn on demand with access to CultureWizardPassport and a Digital Culture Coach for 3 months.

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