Our Cost Projection Calculator helps you budget for international assignments.

Cost Projection Calculator

Welcome screen for Mercer's Balance Sheet Calculator and Cost Projection Calculator for international business assignments.

Mercer’s Cost Projection Calculator 2.0 is designed to help companies with strategic planning, budgeting, comparative cost-modelling, and management buy-in on policy changes for international assignments.

In addition to our existing Balance Sheet Calculator, our Cost Projection Calculator enables you to perform a full-assignment-duration cost-estimate calculation. With our Cost Projection Calculator, you now have access to cost-effective solutions that will enable you to test different scenarios in-house, easily and quickly.

Advantages of Mercer's Cost Projection Calculator

Quick and easy to use:

  • Users can leverage data input and options from the Balance Sheet Calculator within the Cost Projection Calculator.
  • You can determine preference settings and default data entry to facilitate and ensure consistent input for each calculation.
  • The intuitive, user-friendly and modern interface provides an optimized user experience.

Flexible and all-in-one solution:

  • Users can run a cost projection only, or a cost projection and a balance sheet calculation, or just a balance sheet calculation – all from the same data input.
  • The Cost Projection Calculator integrates the extensive range of Mercer’s robust data and tools.
  • This flexible solution works with a wide range of options to compare and evaluate results.

Affordable in-house solution

  • Fixed annual license fee for unlimited calculations

24/7 global access:

  • Access your data anytime, from everywhere.

Sample from Mercer's Cost Projection Calculator for international assignments.

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