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Mercer's Balance Sheet Calculator simplifies designing expatriate pay packages.

Balance Sheet Calculator

Welcome screen for Mercer's Balance Sheet Calculator and Cost Projection Calculator for international business assignments.

Mercer’s Balance Sheet Calculator 2.0 makes the balance sheet process easy by integrating Mercer’s powerful cost of living, tax, education, and quality of living solutions with the flexibility, speed, and accuracy you need to create international compensation statements.

As assignment patterns become more complex, companies are exploring ways to make their compensation approaches more flexible and cost effective. Moving beyond the rigid application of the traditional home-based balance sheet, companies are taking advantage of the flexibility and the multiple options offered by the balance sheet concept.

Advantages of Mercer's Balance Sheet Calculator

  • Quick and Easy: Easy navigation using minimal amount of data input with the preference manager’s settings to generate a complete balance sheet calculation report.
  • Flexible and All in One: Includes all Mercer calculators’ functionalities with any data set. Many calculation options available to share with different stakeholders within organization.
  • Cost Effective: Ability to internally run multiple calculations rather than outsourcing.
  • 24/7 Global Access: Web-based platform available anywhere at any time.

Calculation input screen of Mercer's Balance Sheet Calculator.

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Cost Projection Calculator Mercer's new Cost Projection Calculator 2.0 provides an in-house solution for assessing the cost of an international assignment. Compare various scenarios to find the right combination to meet your mobility needs and budget.

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Mobility Management Platform (MMP) Check out our scalable and flexible assignment management software with multiple configuration options to match all budgets and requirements.

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