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Streamline the way you pay International Employees on a Local Compensation Program with Mercer's Local Plus Calculator

Compensation Localizer simplifies putting an employee on a host-based compensation program, gives you complete confidence in how the change will affect your employee, and helps determine any transitional or ongoing supplemental payments.

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Use the tool to quantify the economic impact whenever you are putting an employee on a host-based compensation package, for:

  • Local Plus packages (where it is a feasible alternative to a traditional expat package).
  • Localization (transitioning expatriates to host-based pay).
  • One-way indefinite international transfers.
  • Locally or directly hired foreigners.

Compensation Localizer screenshot Select Locations

Calculate the precise economic gain or loss to your transferee and the amount needed for the transferee to remain economically "whole."

Compare the package to the local market, using Mercer's robust proprietary market remuneration data or your own local pay structure.

Easily "sell" the package that represents a gain to the employee or decide whether to cushion a package that represents an economic loss.

Compensation Localizer screenshot expatriate compensation comparison

Compensation Localizer calculates the difference between costs in the current and proposed locations, accounting for taxes, goods and services, housing expenses, and other costs and allowances.

Readily customize the calculations to your specifications – down to the individual employee's situation – or use Mercer's robust standardized market data. For example, you can use our standard assumptions on normative housing expenses in the host location, or override them by choosing the actual type of accommodation, or a specific rental cost to be used in the calculation.

Compensation Localizer screenshot cost comparison

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Compensation Localizer demo Learn how Compensation Localizer can simplify and calculate precise gain and loss to make your transferee whole

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