Advice for Companies New to Mobility

Deciding on the types of mobility policies to implement, as well as how to communicate and administer them has become a major challenge for companies going global. The first expat packages and terms are typically negotiated individually at HQ, but when programs gain in scope and size, the need for a more structured approach often emerges in response to varying locations and task requirements.

The issues HR managers face when managing international assignments is daunting and range from talent management, compensation approaches, assignment packages details (allowances and premiums), benefits, tax, employment conditions, and compliance, to practical relocation and family support issues.

Assignees are often key talent who represent important assets for a company. Managing them on an ad-hoc basis through a trial and error approach might lead to assignee retention issues, assignment failure, and unnecessary costs and compliance risk.

Take the guesswork out assignment management and tap into Mercer’s expertise to start your mobility journey.

How Can Mercer Assist you?

Mercer consultants can assist with all aspect of global mobility management from program design, process and tool management, to calculating expatriate pay packages. We understand that your needs are very individual. Let us know about your specific issues and objectives. We are committed to providing tailored solutions regardless of the home and host location or the type of assignment involved, ( i.e., long-term, short-term, strategic, or developmental).

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Trainings, Conferences, and Webcasts Help You Network and Grow Professionally

Mercer offers a range of training modules for HR professionals new to the expatriate management field who quickly need to understand the key concepts and issues around pay, benefits and program administration. Course modules can be attended as stand-alone training events, but have been designed with a career-building development pathway in mind. Network with your peers at one of Mercer’s leading events: our conferences and forums allow you to get up to speed with the latest developments, learn best practices and discuss practical solutions with leading experts and HR professionals who face the same issues as you do.

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Order Mercer’s Mobility Starter Kit

Get your international mobility program off to a great start with select bundles of essential data and resources

Designed for companies with newer or smaller expatriate programs, the Mobility Starter Kit includes everything you need as your organization begins an international expansion. Whether it’s setting global mobility policy guidelines, cost projections, or destination guides for your expatriates, with bundled service offerings available, easily get the exact resources you need with the Mobility Starter Kit.

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GLOBAL MOBILITY TRAININGS Join one of our global mobility trainings to learn more about best practices to manage international assignments.

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Mobility Management Platform Our mobility management technology provides simplified workflows, powerful analytic tools, and an enhanced employee experience.

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Diageo: a case study See how Mercer worked in partnership with Diageo, a world leader in alcoholic beverages, to deliver an innovative and intelligent solution that enables global mobility transformation.

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Expatriate compensation

Determining the proper compensation approach can be challenging. Written by Mercer experts, our guide to compensation approaches will provide a detailed analysis of the three main compensation methods to help you choose the right solution based on your specific needs

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Policy flexibility

As mobility programs grow and new situations arise, companies may need to be flexible on their approach to compensation. Our whitepaper outlines the considerations, benefits, and drawbacks involved.

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