Africa Mobility Forum

Discuss policies, trends, and best practices in an exclusive environment

Mercer’s Global Mobility Forums provide a confidential and informal environment in which international companies can exchange information and experiences in the fields of global mobility and international talent management. The forums bring together global mobility professionals to discuss policies, trends, and best practices in an exclusive environment. Mercer’s role is to host, facilitate, and coordinate the meetings as well as the different activities and channels. To maintain a level of propriety, we have strict guidelines to ensure a "no sales" environment is preserved for members.

The Africa Mobility Forum (AMoF) meeting provides attendees from a wide range of organisations the opportunity to learn and discuss the latest trends, practices and developments relating to mobility/expatriation in Africa. The event comprises case studies, spot poll survey results, member presentations as well as thought-provoking discussions, also providing a solid platform and opportunity for attendees to network.

Annual member benefits

  • Two spot polls on selected topics suggested by members and endorsed by the steering committee.
  • Exclusive members-only access to Mercer Mobility Forums in other locations: currently in Singapore, China, India, Middle East, Turkey, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UAE, and South Africa.
  • Access to presentation materials from other locations.
  • Exclusive members-only access to Mercer Mobility LinkedIn discussion groups.
  • Free access to Mercer’s Mobility training workshops for your organization’s employees.

Who should join?

Human Resource and Reward / Mobility leaders responsible for mobility/expatriation in Africa, who can represent their companies at these meetings, are welcome to attend.

Annual membership

Attendance at the Africa Mobility Forum is by invitation only.
Annual membership fee:
ZAR 20,000 (Excl VAT) or USD 1,750

How to join?

For information on how to become a member, please contact one of our Johannesburg mobility consultants:

Lisete Harris
+27 (0) 60 965 1740 or
+27 (0) 82 896 2193

Que Rabolele
Senior Consultant
+27 (0) 66 483 8979

Jean Mboule
Senior Associate
+27 (0) 83 200 2667 or
+27 (0) 64 890 8138

Masomelele Ngcwabe
Associate Consultant
+27 (0) 66 483 8980

Didi Kwape
Associate Consultant
+27 (0) 82 942 0847