Manage the airfare portion of your travel allowance easily and cost effectively with our new Airfare Reports. By having detailed airfare pricing of selected home and host cities on client-selected dates, you can ensure you're making the best decision when it comes to your employees travel needs. Results are generated through multiple online sources including current, real-time data for requested routes and dates, and verified for accuracy. 

Reports are customizable upon request, but it is assumed travel is a roundtrip flight for one-person flying in economy class. A less expensive, non-refundable, ticket in your home city currency is chosen by default. The reports allow you to compare non-stop flights vs. flights with layovers with three-tier pricing.

Using Airfare Reports, you can:

  • Set appropriate home leave allowances.
  • Benchmark home leave policies.
  • Plan travel budgets accurately.
  • Control allowances and reimbursements for business travel.
  • Reduce in-house administrative costs.


Pricing Options

1-100 Combinations pricing per combination
USD 50
100 + Combinations pricing per combination
USD 25

Processing on average is 2-3 days, but may increase due to the amount of customization requested.

To order airfare reports, contact your mobility consultant or


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