Airfare Reports

Your comprehensive overview of airfare allowances and estimates for assessing your home-leave budget for international assignees

In an increasingly globalized environment, the demand for talent has blurred boundaries and made air travel an essential part of an organization’s international mobility policy. From managing expatriates to temporary assignments, being able to rely on a database to quickly and effectively estimate airfare costs is crucial for any mobility policy planning.

How can Mercer's Airfare Report help you?

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Receive seamless access to airfare costs for various locations at your fingertips.

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Compare air travel routes, allowing you to make the best travel arrangements for your employees.

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Make informed decisions about airfare costs, enabling you to plan travel budgets, and control allowances and travel-related reimbursements.

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Reduce in-house administrative costs.

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Simplify cost-projection calculations.

Features of Mercer's Airfare Report


The report provides access to airfare prices for over 100 standard locations and a total of 20,000 combinations, including both economy and business airfares.


Airfare data gathered through online sources provides information from most major airlines servicing the routes.


You can specify preferences from among economy and business travel classes and various currencies.


The report showcases a diverse range of prices, featuring blended roundtrip direct and layover flights, based on peak-season fares.


You’ll have access to a range of airfare prices from lowest to highest based on a robust sample of prices.

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