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A Closer Look at Prevalent Alternatives to Long-term International Assignments

The Alternative International Assignments Policies and Practices Survey (AIA) reports offer an in-depth look into policies and practices governing six alternative types of international assignments:

  • Permanent / One-way Transfers
  • Talent Development
  • Short-term
  • Commuter
  • Intra-regional
  • Global Nomad

These reports examine the latest trends in global mobility and build on Mercer's database of custom benchmarking solutions.

Noteworthy Findings in 2016

  • Segmentation and policy combination increasing compared to our last survey edition: 18% of all respondents have formal policies for four or more of these alternative assignment types, 20% for three, 34% for two of them and 27% only for one.
  • More than three quarters of the respondents have permanent / one-way moves.
  • Average commuting duration is similar to 2013 but more companies now limit the duration of these assignments.

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Data Analyzed

For each assignment type, the survey examines:

  • Recent trends
  • Policy and administration
  • Compensation approach
  • Living costs
  • Tax
  • Housing and utilities policies
  • Mobility incentives and Hardship
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Travel and home leave
  • Other support
  • Benefits