A Closer Look at Prevalent Alternatives to Long-term International Assignments

The Alternative International Assignments Policies and Practices Survey (AIA) offers an in-depth look into policies and practices governing four alternative types of international assignments:

  • Permanent / One-way Transfers
  • Talent Development
  • Short-term
  • Commuter

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Data Analyzed

For each assignment type, the survey examines:

  • Recent trends
  • Policy and administration
  • Compensation approach
  • Living costs
  • Tax
  • Housing and utilities policies
  • Mobility incentives and Hardship
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Travel and home leave
  • Flexible benefits and lump sums
  • Other support
  • Benefits

Reports from the 2016 Survey

These reports examined trends in global mobility and built on Mercer's database of custom benchmarking solutions. Six reports focusing on specific assignment types (permanent transfers, short-term assignments, talent development, commuters, global nomads, and intra-regional transfers) are available, plus a Global Executive Summary Report, which offers a comparative look at trends and management of these alternative assignment types.

Notable Trends in 2016

  • Segmentation and policy combination increasing compared to our last survey edition: 18% of all respondents have formal policies for four or more of these alternative assignment types, 20% for three, 34% for two of them and 27% only for one.
  • More than three quarters of the respondents have permanent / one-way moves.
  • Average commuting duration is similar to 2013 but more companies now limit the duration of these assignments.

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