City attractiveness

Decision-makers increasingly acknowledge that globalization is challenging cities to inform, innovate, and compete to foster the kind of citizen satisfaction that attracts both people and investment – the keys to your city’s future. How is your city positioned?

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To Compete

  • Is your city competitive economically, socially, culturally, and environmentally?
  • Is your city managing to be competitive with a high quality of life and sufficient economic opportunities?
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To Connect

  • Is your city regionally and globally connected in terms of public infrastructure, transport, and talent flows?
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To Inspire

  • How can you leverage your city’s unique strengths to differentiate it from other cities that also strive to attract companies, foreigners, tourists, and talent?
  • Are you reinforcing the unique identity of a city in the minds of citizens, visitors, companies, and investors?
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To Grow

  • Is your city attractive to foreigners, tourists, globally-mobile talent, capital investment, and major multinational companies?
  • Are you evaluating initiatives to foster your city’s growth?

How Mercer can help

Multinational organizations have relied on Mercer’s Quality of Living data for more than 20 years to assess the relative quality of living in cities around the world.

Mercer works with cities to analyze their attractiveness and performs benchmarking against both international and local cities to highlight strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This helps city leaders to:

  • Address challenges to future development
  • Achieve excellence
  • Attract businesses and globally mobile talent


As part of our Expert Interview series, Mercer has spoken with the leaders of several cities that have demonstrated excellence in making themselves attractive to skilled talent and business alike.

Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo

Mayor Huldai looks back on his decades-spanning tenure as the mayor of this Israeli metropolis, while also detailing his future plans for the city, the ongoing challenges it faces, and how his unique “kibbutz in the city” worldview has helped shape Tel Aviv into the cultural and technological hot bed that it is today.

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Phil Goff, Mayor of Auckland

Mayor Phil Goff explains the success of Auckland's Unitary Council at streamlining city planning, as well as regional initiatives that helped keep Auckland a desirable place to live and work.

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Peter Feldmann, Mayor of Frankfurt

Mayor Peter Feldmann discusses how the city of Frankfurt has maintained a consistently high place in Mercer’s Quality of Living City Rankings, and what city initiatives are contributing to this success.

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Corine Mauch, Mayor of Zürich

Corine Mauch, the mayor of Zürich, discusses how the city has continuously improved upon its quality of living through various strategies and initiatives.

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Thomas Geisel, Mayor of Düsseldorf

Thomas Geisel, the mayor of Düsseldorf, spoke with us on how his city has managed to balance economic success with a high quality of living.

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Lord Mayor Jensen, Mayor of Copenhagen

Mercer had the privilege of interviewing Lord Mayor Jensen, the mayor of Copenhagen. Lord Mayor Jensen discusses his thoughts on the city's success, challenges they have faced, and main priorities the city will have going forward.

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Expert Interview Series: Dr. Michael Häupl, Mayor of Vienna

For the ninth year in a row, Vienna topped Mercer’s global Quality of Living ranking. Following this achievement, Mercer interviewed Mayor Michael Häupl, who discussed his city’s accomplishments and challenges, as well as some of the key decisions that he's made throughout the past 20 years.

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Expert Interview Series: How Singapore Is Improving Its Quality of Living

In this interview, Singapore's Khoo Teng Chye, Executive Director of the Centre for Liveable Cities, discusses how Singapore came to have one of the highest living standards in the Asia-Pacific, as well as his vision for the city's quality of living in the future.

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City attractiveness How attractive is your city as a place for a talented workforce to want to live, or for a global business to set up operations? Mercer's City Attractiveness service can help. For an overview, please see our presentation.

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How top cities stay on top Slagin Parakatil, Mercer's director of quality of living research, discusses city attractiveness, new challenger cities, and how the top cities in our annual ranking manage to stay at the top, in the article, "Cities Are Engaged in a Global Competition. How Do the Best Keep Winning?"

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