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With the largest participant base in the market – 830 multinational companies – the comprehensive and global Worldwide Survey of International Assignment Policies and Practices (WIAPP) addresses the most critical policy and practice elements of international assignments and answers prevalent questions in this dynamic field:

  • How are mobile workforces changing?
  • What elements of your expatriate program administration should be managed in-house or outsourced? Is centralized or decentralized management of the international assignment program better for a company like yours?
  • What policy segmentation have companies implemented?
  • How important are mobility premiums in the current economy?
  • Are companies moving toward a free housing policy, and how does that approach affect other assignment benefits?

2017 WIAPP – Trends & Metrics

The 2017 edition of the survey focuses on Trends & Metrics but includes all the sections on policies and practices for long-term assignments covered in the 2015 edition. Participants have the option of taking the entire survey or just the subset focusing on Trends & Metrics. Those who completed the survey by the 22 June deadline receive a free Trends & Metrics executive summary when the results are published later in 2017. The survey is now evergreen. New participants may complete it at any time to be eligible to purchase reports at the discounted rates.

2015 WIAPP Participants: Get a Head Start

Participants in the 2015 WIAPP can start the 2017 WIAPP with their responses from the last edition already entered. (The Trends & Metrics section has been revised for 2017 and will not contain all 2015 data.) Simply update responses where appropriate and submit the questionnaire. You also have the option of completing only the Trends & Metrics section for 2017. Enter your email below to request the custom link and password you will need to access data from 2015.

New Participants

New participants may also choose to complete the entire survey or just the Trends & Metrics section, with the same benefits of a free executive summary and report discounts.

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Data Gathered and Analyzed


  • Demographics
  • Assignment drivers and barriers
  • Policy management
  • Program management, administration and staffing


Optional in the 2017 edition:

Policies and Practices for Long-term Assignments

  • Remuneration approaches, pay delivery
  • Tax and social security approach
  • Cost-of-living/Goods & services allowances
  • Mobility incentives
  • Hardship & danger pay
  • Security and emergency evacuation
  • Rest & recreation leave
  • Housing and utilities
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Travel policy and home leave
  • Spouse and family support
  • Pre-assignment support
  • Relocation assistance
  • Repatriation
  • Localization
  • Compliance

2015 WIAPP Results

Reports from the 2015 survey are still available. Purchase the Global Report containing full survey results for each region and an executive summary, or get one of the regional reports: Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America.

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2017 WIAPP The 2017 Worldwide International Assignment Policies Practices survey (WIAPP), focusing on Trends & Metrics, is still open for participation. Participation entitles you to discounted pricing on survey reports.

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Benefits Survey The Benefits Survey for Internationally Mobile Employees is underway. See how your program and policies align with other companies.

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Policy Benchmarking Participation in the WIAPP facilitates a review with Mercer's Policy Benchmarking service. We can assess your mobility program using precise benchmarking tools and report on gaps in your program that could be costing you money or valuable competitive advantage.

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