Location Evaluation Reports

Location Evaluation Reports assess living conditions against generally accepted standards, providing a single premium recommendation for all assignees, and now they are available as part of the new Quality of Living 2.0 Calculator, offering an improved user experience!

Location Evaluation Reports will help you:

  • Determine the appropriate incentive for assignees facing conditions that make an assignment location dangerous or difficult.
  • Communicate to the assignees the rationale behind the incentive recommendation.
  • Update the recommendation based on current information.
Quality of Living Calculator - Welcome screen

Obtain the right solution

Mercer’s Location Evaluation Reports, assess 140 cities worldwide on 14 factors that make up daily life for assignees and their families. Mercer establishes a recommended premium for the assignment. You see how we arrived at the number – we explain the rating for each factor and show its importance in the overall evaluation for the location. And Mercer updates these reports regularly, so that the premium recommendation reflects the current situation “on the ground.”

Key features and benefits

  • A detailed description of local conditions based on 14 factors that affect daily life
  • This methodology – unique to Mercer – accounts for extremely negative conditions that make a location especially difficult
  • Ratings for the 14 factors, producing an overall evaluation score for the location
  • A recommendation for the incentive payment
  • Guidelines on how to apply Mercer’s hardship recommendation to your company’s compensation structure
  • Reports available for locations not currently included on the standard list: a full report where sufficient information exists to prepare a narrative, or a numbers-only report where information is limited.

Coverage Location Evaluation Reports are available for 140 locations

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