Multinational approach cost of living data

Help determine fair allowances for all your assignees, wherever they come from

Calculate cost of living allowances for your expatriate assignees in over 400 locations using factual and objective price information. Examining more than 200 goods and services, our surveys are conducted by professional researchers in each location. Carefully chosen vendors reflect only those outlets where your expatriates can buy goods and services of international quality.

Our Cost of Living Reports are based on the multinational approach to cost of living, which assumes expatriates spend the same in the host location, regardless of home country/market. City-to-city indices help set appropriate allowances.

Multinational methodology

The Multinational approach to Cost of Living develops cost-of-living indices and differentials based on a blended international spending pattern. The methodology assumes a convergence of spending patterns among expatriates from different nationalities. With weighting of goods and services the same for all locations, this approach compares prices of similar brands and from similar retail outlets in both the home city and host city.

Key features

  • Based on an international basket of goods and services reflecting realistic spending habits established through years of extensive expatriate research.
  • Accurate, current, frequently updated data.
  • Distinct Cost of Living (COL) indices and price information for different types of expatriate shoppers.
  • Full list of stores and sources where prices are collected ensures transparency.
  • Accommodation and Education costs included in the reports.
  • Business Travel Expenses are included to provide guidance for per diems.
  • Estimate allowances instantly using our Cost of Living Allowance Calculators.
  • Additional calculators that allow you to use data for your specific needs.
  • Special cities surveyed upon request.
  • Methodology that lets you determine competitive purchasing power for all your assignees, wherever they come from.

Our cost of living data is only available for purchase by institutional clients and is not sold to individuals.

Coverage Mercer's Cost of Living Reports cover more than 400 locations.

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