Cost of living data – nationality specific

Help your assignees maintain their spending patterns, no matter where they go

Calculate cost of living allowances for your international assignees using factual and objective price information. Companies risk underpaying or overpaying international assignees when they lack accurate, location-specific information. Make decisions with confidence by having the exact data at your fingertips. Available for 400+ standard host and 190+ standard home locations, our surveys are conducted by professional researchers and carefully chosen vendors reflect only those outlets where your assignees can buy goods and services of international quality. As of 2021, we are offering 400 additional new mapped locations, expanding our coverage to more than 800 host locations.

Nationality-specific methodology

The nationality-specific approach to Cost of Living develops cost-of-living indices and differentials based on the unique spending patterns in a base, usually the home or headquarters country/market. By using different weights for each home country/market, it ensures that expatriates can retain their expenditure pattern while on assignment in the host location. This compares prices in the home country/market from a local-national perspective to prices in the host city from an expatriate perspective.

Key features

  • Based on a basket of goods and services reflecting realistic spending habits established through years of extensive expatriate research.
  • Accurate, current, frequently updated data.
  • Distinct cost of living (COL) indices and price information for different types of expatriate shoppers.
  • Estimate allowances immediately (COLA) using our Cost of Living Allowance Calculators.
  • Additional calculators and tables allow you to use data for your specific needs.
  • Special cities surveyed upon request.
  • Methodology that lets you keep your assignees’ expenditure patterns intact, no matter where they go.

Pricing options

Cost of Living indices and allowance suggestions are available as a one-time table or as part of a subscription, with access to updates and online calculators. Subscribers also receive host housing costs, home country/market housing norms, home country/market spendable income tables, hypothetical taxes, and other information needed to calculate expatriate compensation.

Custom surveys

Get data for non-standard locations with a custom survey.

Our cost of living data is only available for purchase by institutional clients and is not sold to individuals.

Coverage Home Country Profiles of Mercer's nationality-specific cost of living data are available for 190 locations.

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