Flexible Mobility Policies Survey

Do you have flexibility in your international mobility program policies? This survey is for you!

Mercer's 2022 Flexible International Mobility Policies Survey aims to find out what kind of flexibility multinational companies have introduced in their global mobility program policies, as well as their design and how successful they have been.

What is meant by policy flexibility? Any level of choice, either to the business or assignee, with regards to the package or relocation assistance to be provided to an assignee, whether for a specific item or within a choice of items.

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The survey covers:

  • Mobility program trends and management
  • Introducing flexibility: objectives, challenges, eligibility, responsibilities and program design
  • Flexible items scope
  • Managing cash out
  • Lump sum(s)
  • Benefits swapping
  • Managing flexibility: pros and pitfalls, assessment and feedback, COVID-19 impact

Participants receive:

  • Complimentary executive summary of the survey report
  • Exclusive 66% discount to purchase the full report
  • Possibility to order a custom cut report providing unique benchmarking data

Note: Completing the questionnaire takes approximately 35-45 minutes, but you do not need to finish it in one sitting. We will save your work and generate a personal password allowing you to pause and resume the process at your convenience. Get started now!

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2021 Flexible Working Policies & Practices Survey Report

2021 Flexible Working Policies & Practices Survey Report Cover

Flexible working is the new normal. Learn how companies are designing and structuring their flexible working policies.

The survey covers: defining flexibility, flexible working philosophy, flexible working impact on workspaces, policy implementation and administration, impact of working remotely, flexible working policy measurement.

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2019 Flexible Mobility Policies Survey Report

2019 Flexible Mobility Policies Survey Report Cover

Find out which approaches to flexible benefits for international assignees have been most successful for other companies and benchmark against your peers!

Select your region to place an order. Custom cuts of the data are also available to participating companies, for additional fees. Please contact us to inquire about this option.

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Participate now! Contribute today to share your perspective and gain insights into the current market practices. Survey participants receive a complimentary executive summary and a 66% discount on the full report.

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Your guide to flexible mobility programs Flexibility within mobility policy has become imperative. For organizations that seek to provide fair and consistent policies globally, there are new models that provide choice.

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