Mobility Metrics and Analytics Survey

Adopting metrics and analytics – bringing real value to your global mobility programs

The adoption of analytics is accelerating, and its use is growing in the field of global workforce management and talent mobility. This trend is driven by the need to enable more talent mobility without increasing cost and complexity; bringing to the forefront measurable value of mobility to the business and ensuring the right policy framework to attract and retain a mobile workforce.

While talent mobility analytics have not reached full maturity yet, the ability to use and share relevant analytics for decision marking is an increasingly important trend that should not be ignored but how far are you with adopting metrics and analytics for your mobility program?

Critical questions you should be asking

  • Where are other companies in their global mobility metrics and analytics journey?
  • What barriers are there to adopting metrics and analytics for my mobility program?
  • What is captured and used for decision making?
  • Is my company equipped with the right skillsets?

Introducing the Mercer 2019 Mobility Metrics and Analytics Survey. The aim of the survey is to find out where companies are in their global metrics and analytics journey and explore what they are doing in terms of maintaining, developing and using metrics and analytics in relation to their Global Mobility program.

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