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Navigating international assignments through difficult times - Spot survey

High inflation and currency fluctuations are impacting companies around the world and employees are increasingly concerned about their purchasing power. However, according to our recent research, only around 40% of organizations have been providing various forms of support specifically to assist employees with diminished purchasing power as a result of the inflation.

Given the current challenges worldwide, international assignees can be particularly impacted by the market volatility, political turmoil and global tensions.

Our December spot survey aimed to find out how organizations’ global mobility policies addressed compensation and benefit packages for their international assignees, and what special measures they took, if any, to support their mobile employees through this difficult time.

Focus on:

  • Cost of living
  • Housing
  • Quality of living

This global mobility survey captures details across:

  • Salary adjustments and cost-of-living allowances
  • Approaches to negative cost-of-living indices
  • Ad hoc measures to protect assignees' purchasing power
  • Housing budgets updates in volatile locations
  • Responses to deteriorating quality-of-living conditions

...and more!

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