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Mobilize yourself with MercerPassport… a comprehensive, up-to-date, and practical web service for expatriates.

The MercerPassport suite of web-based solutions is a valuable source of reference guides, tips, checklists and tools that will help expats move, live and succeed overseas.

Relieve the anxiety of not knowing what to expect abroad. MercerPassport provides employers, employees and their whole family with a clear understanding of how to appreciate and adapt to life in a new location.

Whether looking for an international school, needing a 24-hour pharmacy, securing residence visas for the family, or even determining how much to tip a taxi driver at the airport upon arrival, internationally mobile employees will find what they need in MercerPassport.

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Mercer Passport Gives You

  • The world's premier country guides: Covering the world's most dynamic regions across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas, these guides offer comprehensive insights on how to make expatriate relocation and business travel as seamless as possible.
  • Quality-of-living information: MercerPassport covers over 250 cities across the globe. Focusing on living standards and the local environment, employees and HR professionals are given a picture of the availability and range of facilities within a given city.
  • Family Corner: This feature is provided in cooperation with Net Expat, the global leaders in providing advice and sourcing work permits for accompanying spouses or partners. MercerPassport users are entitled to a free counselling session, conducted over the telephone, based on the applicant's credentials and experience. Net Expat provides information on the type and availability of work available in the host country and advises on the requirements for obtaining a work permit.
  • CostAdvisor: A Mercer tool that compares the price of everyday items such as a cup of coffee or an international newspaper in hundreds of cities across the world. Particularly useful for business travelers, prices are given in a range of currencies. Tipping protocol is also provided.
  • News and articles: Each international assignment brings its own challenges and demands. Exclusive articles by experts in the field discuss openly and honestly the ups and downs of international expatriate life and how family members may be affected.
  • MyCity: A survey to capture the real-life experiences of expatriates around the world. This valuable information is anonymous and will support the understanding of expatriate experiences worldwide.

Relocate and Integrate abroad with Ease

MercerPassport provides expats with valuable advice on how to plan and adapt to life in a new country, from the moment an international assignment is considered to repatriation. Besides offering practical tips about the local culture, essential insights on moving requirements and instructions about procedures before going on assignment, MercerPassport also provides information covering the following important topics:

  • Entry Requirements (visas, passports, work permits, residence permits)
  • Customs and Import Regulations
  • Cost of Living
  • Accommodation
  • Utilities
  • Health Requirements
  • Safety
  • Public Transport
  • Public Transport
  • Education
  • Communication
  • Tax
  • Money and Banking
  • Business Etiquette
  • Leisure
  • And much more…

Link Directly from Your Company Intranet

Take advantage of this popular solution for companies with a large number of employees:

  • No need for a separate login page with ID and password 
  • Fully secure – no need to regularly change password
  • Available for company wide use – not just limited to expatriates

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Promotional image offers example of important cultural information for international business provided in MercerPassport: In China, business cards are presented with both hands

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