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Exchange Rate and Inflation Calculator

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In today’s fast-paced market, keeping your finger on the pulse of currency exchange and inflation rate fluctuations is key to designing and maintaining efficient and equitable compensation packages for your internationally mobile employees.

Mercer’s Exchange Rate and Inflation Calculator (ERIC) gives you quick access to a full overview of exchange rate and inflation fluctuations in relevant time periods across multiple currencies and locations.

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Part of our cutting-edge digital tool suite, ERIC offers a very intuitive user experience, ease of navigation, and direct integration with your Mercer Cost of Living Calculator.

How can ERIC help you?

  • Perform a quick regular assessment of the currency exchange and inflation rate fluctuations across the globe.
  • Check if you have international assignees in the locations affected and determine if a cost of living allowance adjustment is in order.
  • Back your COLA review decisions with current and comprehensive data available at your fingertips.

ERIC allows you to:

  • View exchange rate variations of any against the other 140+ worldwide currencies
  • Make comparisons between selected weeks, months or averages from specific periods
  • Highlight variation percentage over or under a selected value
  • Export data to an Excel spreadsheet

ERIC allows you to:

  • Compare inflation data for all markets globally or across a specific region
  • View official IMF inflation percentage change over selected inflation years
  • View official IMF inflation fluctuations over the last 12 months
  • View inflation percentage change over 6-month periods based on selected Mercer price movement surveys
  • Export data to an Excel spreadsheet

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Integrated within the Mobility Exchange digital ecosystem, ERIC is available for instant purchase with a click from your user account. You may also contact your Mercer consultant to request access.

If you don’t have your Mercer account yet, please contact us to discuss your needs and get you started.

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