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Mobility Guides and Whitepapers

Featured here are a selection of recent guides and viewpoints on global mobility from the experts at Mercer.


The Beginner's Guide to Global Mobility: A Comprehensive Overview

This guide offers a detailed overview of the factors and considerations that go into building a compensation package for employees you are sending abroad.

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What's the Best Way to Pay My Expatriates?

This guide explains the various approaches to compensating expatriates. The one you choose must reflect your organization's compensation philosophy while supporting your strategic talent mobility aims and staying within budget.

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Developing a New Mobility Policy

Far more than just a simple document with a list of allowances and benefits, a mobility policy is setting the key principles and philosophy used to manage assignees. This step-by-step guide explains the considerations involved.

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Practical Global Mobility Management

Setting up local plus approaches, policy segmentation, cost containment, and exception management are some of the key issues for mobility managers. This free white paper helps you address these issues.

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Using Technology to Optimize Global Mobility

We take a critical look at which parts of the expatriate management cycle are most amenable to technology solutions, then consider when and how to implement them to optimize program management processes.

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Flexibility in Mobility Policy

As mobility managers grapple with increasingly international and mobile workforces and changing generational expectations, flexibility with mobility policy becomes imperative. For organizations that seek to provide fair and consistent policies globally, there are new models that provide choice.

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Relocation Benefits and the Intricacies of US Taxation

Considering that tax is one of the biggest costs in domestic relocation – and that structuring a relocation program can save employers thousands of dollars, or put hundreds back in an employee’s pocket – it is a topic worthy of attention.

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News & Articles Explore other topics in mobility and learn of news affecting mobility programs.

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