Location-specific Analysis of Local Plus Policies and Practices

Mercer's Local Plus Survey and Location-Specific reports cover global and/or regional local plus policies and practices for permanent or one-way transfers, locally or internationally hired foreigners, localized expatriates, or international assignments of a limited (but predetermined) duration. In addition, these surveys and reports cover policies and practices for all types of foreign employees in selected locations, whether you need them for local, local plus, or expatriate packages.

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Local Plus Topics

  • Trends and policy
  • Base salary approach and review process
  • Assignment Incentive
  • COLA, purchasing power adjustment
  • Tax assistance
  • Housing and Utilities
  • Hardship
  • Children Education
  • Spouse support
  • Home leave
  • Local transportation
  • Language training
  • Cross-cultural training
  • Travel to host location
  • Home finding trip
  • Shipment of household goods
  • Appliances allowance
  • Loss on sale/shipment of vehicle
  • Settling in Services
  • Temporary housing
  • Home country housing assistance
  • Housing purchase assistance
  • Immigration assistance
  • Benefits (Health, Pension, Death and Disability, Savings) 

Once completed, PDF reports are made available on the participant’s imercer.com account. You will be asked to provide contact information for the person who should receive access to the complementary and purchased reports at the end of the survey. You will be notified by email when the survey report is made available for download during the 2nd half of September 2018.

What Can You Get for Participating

Participants will be entitled to:

  • A complimentary executive summary, including a comprehensive findings’ summary text illustrated with graphs (available exclusively to participants who complete the survey before the 30 June 2018 deadline).
  • A 66% discount on the full report, including the executive summary and a question-by-question aggregated results tables for all respondents.
  • Preferential rate access to custom cuts and consulting.

How Can You Participate

Complete the Local Plus Survey questionnaire for the host locations applicable to your company. You may work on the survey in stages over time, or share your login credentials with a colleague to complete the survey faster together.

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Location-Specific Questionnaires

Location-specific data provides insight into popular locations where large numbers of employees are sent on local plus assignments (as opposed to the more traditional expatriate packages). These locations typically contain higher levels of competition than other countries or locations. Packages are typically created on a location-specific approach, meaning that it is unique to each country and international assignment.

Optional location-specific questionnaires are currently available for the following countries:

  • Hong Kong
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United States

Location-Specific Topics

  • Trends & Management
  • Compensation Approach
  • COLA/Goods & Services
  • Tax & Social Security
  • Mobility & Hardship
  • Housing & Utilities
  • Children Education
  • Spouse Support
  • Transportation
  • Home Leave
  • All-inclusive allowance
  • Medical benefit
  • Pension plan
  • Death & Disability
  • Immigration Assistance
  • Language Training
  • Relocation assistance
  • Localization
  • Transfer/Repatriation/Resignation  

2016 Reports 2016 Reports (US Visitors)

Participation This survey is open to new participants. Completing it entitles you to discounted report pricing.

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Localized Compensation Localized, or host-based, compensation packages can be significantly less expensive than traditional expatriate pay packages, but they must be applied with care and in appropriate circumstances. Mercer can help with developing policies and calculating packages.

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