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Mercer and Crown partner for enhanced relocation data solutions and support

Posted 361 days ago ago by Agata

Committed to helping companies better support their people, Mercer is pleased to announce its new partnership with Crown World Mobility, one of the largest relocation solution providers worldwide.

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The international talent market is highly challenging at the moment and positive global mobility experiences are proving a significant differentiator for employers. Our research shows that organizations provide increasingly more relocation assistance to their internationally mobile employees, mirroring their additional efforts to improve assignees’ experience abroad.

Thanks to our collaboration, we will now be able to provide organizations with comprehensive relocation data helping them budget the costs of immigration and destination services, as well as air freight, shipment, insurance and storage costs.

Organizations currently working with Mercer for their global mobility data requirements will soon be able to benefit from integrations with our selected online calculators and Mobility Management Platform (MMP). Thanks to our technology integration, MMP already allows for seamless access to Crown’s relocation services when managing the assignment cycle within the platform.

As strong advocates of our partner’s expertise and support quality, we work closely together to help our clients leverage the best of both our offerings.

“It’s a great pleasure to announce our new partnership with Crown World Mobility. Our collaboration with Crown World Mobility has always been very productive and positive for our clients. The formalization of our partnership now provides new opportunities to develop further the data, services, and technology solutions that we provide to our global mobility clients,” said Yvonne Traber, Global Mobility Product Solutions Leader, Mercer.

“We have a long-standing relationship with Mercer in many markets around the world and are delighted to make that official in the form our new partnership. There’s lots of synergies between our two companies and combining our data capabilities with Mercer’s seemed like a natural fit. Combined with our technology integration, this development will continue to enhance and offer fantastic benefits for our clients,” said Nick Sutton, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, Crown World Mobility.

Find out more about our relocation data solutions and support in partnership with Crown.

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