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Mobility Management Platform

In collaboration with ServiceNow®

As companies continue down the road of digital transformation, Mercer has developed an exceptional solution to simplify the management of international assignments and domestic assignments. Mobility Management Platform (MMP) is a technology platform, built in collaboration with ServiceNow®, that helps manage complex mobility programs by bringing all aspects of an organization’s international and domestic assignments, along with proprietary Mercer data, together in one place.

Mobility Management Platform provides an interactive, configurable, real-time data and content experience while simplifying workflows, lowering costs, reducing risks, and tracking the return on investment.

MMP, combined with our full suite of consulting services, makes it even easier to get the unparalleled support you need in your mobility journey. Mercer is the only provider to offer the data, tools, and experience that will help HR professionals, managers, and expatriates meet the organization’s specific mobility needs with practical advice on policies, procedures, and program design.

How can Mobility Management Platform help?

Benefits delivered by Mobility Management Platform

Prioritize experience

A single platform allows for automated processes, integrating all users and enhancing employee engagement. Through a self-service employee portal, users have access to dynamic host location information, including videos compatible to all devices and an option for engagement surveys, to bring employees and their families to an improved employee experience.

Simplify workflows

Mobility Management Platform's user-friendly dashboard, built-in metrics, and predictive analytics simplify tasks for mobility management teams and allow for easy, real-time reporting.

Lower costs

With costs related to mobility growing every year, Mobility Management Platform helps business managers and C-suite executives stay on top of them by providing line of sight on expenditures and tracking return on investment of assignments.

Mitigate risk

To ease the challenges resulting from expanding categories of international and domestic assignments and varying policies for each assignee type, Mobility Management Platform enhances and simplifies service delivery, monitors compliance and duty of care, and mitigates risks.

Mercer Mobility Management Platform - view of assignments by status

Whether you are part of an organization’s mobility management team, a vendor, or are a local manager or an internal assignee, our digitized platform will support your needs and offer sustainable and data-driven results so you can be successful in your mobility journey.

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Enhancing assignee experience in times of need While dealing with emergency situations such as COVID-19, technology can help you track and assist your mobile employees. Mercer’s Mobility Management Platform enables instant and relevant communication with the affected employees, and allows them to reach out for support quickly and easily.

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Assignment cost projections Mercer's Cost Projection Calculator is a self-service solution to help with strategic planning, budgeting, comparative cost-modelling, and management buy-in on policy changes for international assignments by enabling you to perform a full-assignment-duration cost-estimate calculation.

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