data solutions

Data products for managing a global workforce

Mercer offers a full range of quantitative reports and qualitative assessments pertaining to virtually every aspect of managing a global workforce, from long- or short-term international assignments to localization, from benefits to taxation.

Long Term Assignments

If you are sending employees to a new location for 3 to 5 years you may need the following data to help make the move fair and equitable for the employee.


  • Balance Sheets (prepare calculations using all of the relevant data for an assignment package)
  • Differential Change Analysis (to help explain data movement to assignees)
  • Assignment Cost Projections (to help estimate the cost of the assignment before the assignment is approve)
  • Mobility Starter Kit (bundle of data and services to help you get started)
  • Policy Design & Review
  • Benchmarking


Short Term Assignments

If you are sending employees to a new location on an extended business trip or between 1 to 3 years

Localization/Local Plus Assignments

If you are trying to localize an employee after an expatriate assignment or integrating an employee fully into the local market pay structure with or without supplementary expatriate benefits.

Data Solutions

Domestic Relocation

If you are moving employees within a country.

LOCAL PLUS & LOCATION-SPECIFIC SURVEYS Our Local Plus and Location-specific Survey reports have the latest policies and practices trends in Local Plus assignments, plus location-specific reports on five assignment locations where this compensation approach is most prevalent.

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New to Mobility? Download this 40-page comprehensive guide that outlines all of the components you need to start your employee mobility program.

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BEST PRACTICES FOR MOBILITY POLICY DEVELOPMENT Our free guide shows how to develop a mobility policy beyond the basic allowances and benefits to a comprehensive plan for managing assignees.

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Expatriate Compensation

Determining the proper compensation approach can be challenging. Written by Mercer experts, our guide to compensation approaches will provide a detailed analysis of the three main compensation methods to help you choose the right solution based on your specific needs

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Policy Flexibility

As mobility programs grow and new situations arise, companies may need to be flexible on their approach to compensation. Our whitepaper outlines the considerations, benefits, and drawbacks involved.

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